Sociology Student’s Council for Community Service is a group of Students of Sociology to organize series of activities, with support and guidance of teachers. Sociology department is committed to student’s involvement in community service Because Community and Society functions as research lab: for students of Sociology. These activates will improve the understandings of Students about human lives, as well as to enhance student learning and development through practical work with community.

Through these services students will improve their social responsibility, develop critical thinking about social phenomenon, develop their skills, assess personal values, and come to better understand themselves. Students will be primarily involved with individuals in the community who experience social inequalities, and learn with, from, and about them.


Changing inequalities into equalities through community service, volunteerism and Quality Education.


Promote Humanity through commitment of students and Teachers as community service and social action; enhancing volunteerism among university students, community members and society at large. Promoting importance of awareness and importance of quality education, better health and strive for human rights.

How We Serve?

  1. As an Individual Community Service.

This is types of activity by student at small scale as community service, done by him/her in daily life. Students maintain a register / account about their community service activity.

  1. As a Group Community Services

This type of activities will be organized by student’s at large scale as Community service, in shape of group. i.e. (SSCCS Frist Year), (SSCCS Second Year), (SSCCS Third Year), (SSCCS Final Year), (SSCCS All Groups), (SSCCS M.Phil.) Or (SSCCS Ph.D.),Students will run campaign and awareness programs against social issues, fatal diseases ,education , gender discrimination , human rights, make a charity fund for needy people, celebrate international days like valentine’s day, friendship day, mother’s and father’s day and disability day etc with the community arrange social events for those whom community has forgotten and have no importance. Include serves and research.

  1. Class Activities

This type of activities by students at department level SSCCS organize trainings, workshops and motivational lecture programs on those various topics which need of this time. Celebrate events like sanitation week, educational days, students’ rights and responsibility programs with the permission of head of department.