Projects By Dr Ameer Ali Abro


Availability, Access and Utilization of Health Care Facilities for Urban Marginalized Communities: A Case Study of Hyderabad District, Pakistan

This study is focused on marginalized communities from urban areas of Pakistan, examining their access to health facilities and its utilization. Marginalization is multilayered phenomena one society can be marginalized by other societies, even classes and communities can be marginalized from dominant social orders. Marginalization can be a shifting process and linked to social status; individuals and groups can become marginalized in certain situations due to socioeconomic changes in their life. The socioeconomic conditions of marginalized communities in Pakistan are probably identical, therefore in current study Hyderabad district is selected as research area. Methodology used in this research project will be ‘Mixed Research’ in which one relies on post positivist view of the research process. Moreover, qualitative research approaches and analysis will be additional benefit for the research. During research, exploratory techniques will be used to explore causes and consequences of the problem, and an explanatory design will be used for data analysis of qualitative results. The study will determine the answers to following research questions. 1. Do marginalized communities of urban areas have easy access to health facilities in Pakistan? 2. How access and utilization of health care facilities are different for Marginalized and non-marginalized communities in Pakistan. 3. What is the status of preventive Measures and awareness about diseases in urban marginalized communities of Pakistan.



This study is related to Karachi, one of the largest urban settlement of the world and most populated and largest city and ecnomical hub of Pakistan. Demographically this is the heterogeneous city with different types of ethnic, sub ethnic, religious, and sectarian groups, even mix ethnic and sectarian groups with verity of characteristics. In current situation population of Karachi is under depression, and uncertainty. Demographic situations are changing rapidly; population of city is developing ethnic pockets. The city Karachi has its different dimensions depends upon, political chapters, economic problems, ethnic pressures, prominent signs of international interventions and conflicts.
Specific objectives of the study are, to find out current demographic changes in the population of Karachi and its impact on the changing patterns of ethnicity, To find out relationship between changing ethnic pattern and its impacts on political situations of Karachi and To find out relationship between changing ethnic patterns, Migrations and current law and order situation of the city. The study is exploratory in nature, and research will be initiated through personal and professional dialogue with stakeholders, to evaluate the problems through previous studies, Focus Group Discussions of basic stakeholders.
The study will, provide athentic recomodations to solve the demographic, changes especially due to migrations and ethnic problems; it helps the policymakers for proper planning of city. As well as this study will be asset of my institution and helpful for future researcher.