The Ph.D. program in the Department of Sociology at University of Sindh offers rigorous training in sociological knowledge and research methods, and prepares students to embark on successful professional careers in sociology.  Our program prides itself on renowned faculty, cutting-edge research programs, and close interactions between faculty and students.

Through coursework, workshops, and teaching assistantships, students work closely with faculty members to develop research skills and experience and gain expertise in the substantive areas of sociology.

Current PhD Scholars:

Shabana Tunio

Shabana Tunio






Niaz Ahmed Bhutto
Niaz Ahmed Bhutto
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Abstract of his Research:

The status of women in world generally and in Pakistan particularly varies considerably depending on socio-cultural factors, geographical location and any social class. Unequal status of women is a product of discrimination, illiteracy and feudalistic structure of society. The major focus of this study is to investigate the socio-cultural problems faced by female faculty in Higher Education institution, and university of Sindh is taken as research universe. The main objectives of study are, To evaluate the impact of problems faced by female faculty on their job  performance, To find out transport problems faced by female faculty, To examine the attitudes of family members towards the  female faculty, To explore the job satisfaction of female faculty, To evaluate the status of female faculty within family regarding their financial contributions, To identify the feelings of female faculty, regarding gender issues.

This study will use both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The data will be collected from women teaching staff of University of Sindh, Jamshoro. The Quantitative data will be collected through structured questionnaires and Qualitative data will be collected through in-depth interviews from the respondents.

The research in this field of knowledge will generate new ideas to globalize the information about the issues faced by female faculty. This research will be focused on the problems which affect the teaching and research performance of female  A great deal of literature on the status of women in society appears to focus on the issues of gender discrimination rather than the real problems of working women. Nevertheless, one thing missing from various studies is an analysis of the policy and institutional environment in which women work ranging from different walks of life.


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