Associate Professor

Advisor to vice Chancellor
For Higher Education
University of Sindh


  • Ph.D.  Sociology (2013)
    University of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Masters in Sociology, [1996]
    Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Sindh, Pakistan
  • Bsc. [1993]
    Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Sindh, Pakistan


+92-22-9213181-90 Ext.2084
Email:  [email protected]
Mailing Address:
House no: B16 university of Sindh Jamshoro
Johar Complex Flat NO: A36/10 University Road Karachi.
Department of Sociology University of Sindh Jamshoro, Pakistan

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Dr. Ameer Ali Abro

Dr. Ameer Ali Abro


Areas of Interest: Research

  • Urban Sociology
  • Culture and Family
  • Social Stratification


Areas of Interest/ Experience: Teaching

  • Core: Introduction to sociology, Social Problems, Social Psychology.
  • Social inequality: Sex and Gender, Marginalization.
  • Theory & Method: Gender, Classical theories, Social Research Methods.
  • Applied Sociology: Medical Sociology, Urban Sociology, Social Statistics.


Current Job

  • 2018 to date – Associate Professor Department of Sociology, University of Sindh.


Additional Management Assignment:

  • January 2017 to date Advisor to vice Chancellor for Higher Education University of Sindh Jamshoro.
  • April 2017 to date In-charge ISO Preparation Cell University of Sindh Jamshoro


Previous Experience:

  • 2015 to 2018 Assistant Professor Department of Sociology University of Sindh Jamshoro.
  • 2003 to 2015 – Social Welfare Officer , Social Welfare Department, Sindh Pakistan
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of NGO’s their Projects and, Budgets
  • Community Mobilization
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Project Planning and management
  • Capacity Building of NGO’s, CBO’s
  • Surveys of CCB’s for Registration
  • Coordination between District / Sub-district Administration and Civil Society    Child Welfare and Development
  • Special Assignments:
  • Focal Person for UNICEF (Child Protection) District Larkana
  • District Focal Person for problems and issues of trans-genders.
  • District Focal person for Disaster Management.
  • 2008 – 2012 (Part Time) Lecturer Sociology School of nursing Larkana, Sindh Pakistan.

Worked for five years’ lecturer Sociology as Part time job in evening Program, of School of Nursing, teaches Medical Sociology, Sociology of culture, with field work and research survey in Hospitals.

  • 2009 – 2011. (Part Time) Master Trainer, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project. Mehran Welfare Trust, Larkana, Pakistan

Worked as part time trainer in this project that was developed for life skills capacity building of peer educators to HRGS, this project was supported by UNFPA. Major focus of these trainings was to assess and evaluate performance of HRGS about peer education and HIV/AIDS and also documentation of performance of HRGS.

  • 2005 – 2009. (Part Time) Master Trainer, Life Skills based education for MARAs & EVAs, Mehran Welfare Trust, Larkana, Pakistan 

Worked as part time Master Trainer; in this project that was developed for life skills and capacity of children from 5years to 18 years. The project was supported by UNICEF Pakistan. Most at risk Adolescent (MARAs) and expected vulnerable adolescents (EVAs) were focus of these trainings. Assess and evaluate performance of children and document the performance of children was also among the aims of these trainings. Five days training programs were conducted for group of children up to 40 members.

  • Project Coordinator, Shama Women Welfare Association Larkana 

Started career from 1996 to 2000 and worked as a project Coordinator in District based NGO Shama Women Welfare Association. And was involved in surveys of social problems women, project management and proposed various projects. 

  • Project Manager, Sufi Waryal Educational and Social Welfare Organization 

In 2000 started working as Project Manager in district based organization Sufi Waryal Educational & Social Welfare Organization and was involved in management of educational institutions and projects.


Trainings Conducted as Monitoring In-charge 

  • 2014- Capacity Building Training of NGO’s of Sindh and Baluchistan 50 events.


Attended Conferences as Trainer /Consultant

  • 2015- Youth conference training conducted on Puberty and Sexual Reproductive health and Adolescent issues.


Trainings Conducted as Master Trainer/Consultant

  • 2016- Career Counseling and Finding job Opportunities By. University of Sindh at Larkana.
  • 2013/2014- Youth trainings Conducted as consultant in 10 Degree colleges of Sindh on adolescent, Sexual behavior issues and HIV/AIDS, By Youth Affairs Department Government of Sindh.
  • 2012/2013- Consultative Meetings on Enforcement of Article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan (Right to Free Education) at Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, with the collaboration of Action aid Pakistan and Initiator Development Foundation Karachi.
  • 2009/2011 - HIV/AIDS Prevention and care project supported by UNFPA.
  • 2005/2011- Bringing Best Practices in NGO Sector with Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education
  • 2005/2010 National database of NGOs with Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education
  • 2005/2006 fund raising for CBO’s by Social Welfare Department, Sindh, Pakistan
  • 2005/2006 - Life skill based education for MARAs & Evas Supported by UNICEF, Pakistan.
  • 2004/2005 - Capacity Building of NGO’s at grass root level, by Social Welfare Department, Government of Sindh, Pakistan


Trainings Attended: 

  • 2016-Two days training on research methodology, by Plan International Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan.
  • 2015- TOT Active Citizens Five Days Training at University of Sindh by British Council.
  • September 2012 Five Days Training of Leaders of Peace SDPI, DANIDA Embassy of Denmark and Search for common goals Islamabad.
  • 2008-Training of District Based NGO Management System, By Social Welfare and Special Education Department (Islamabad)
  • 2007-Gender mainstreaming (C2) By UNDP at NIPA
  • 2007-Gender mainstreaming (C2) By UNDP at NIPA
  • 2006-Gender mainstreaming (T2) By UNDP at NIPA
  • 2006-Training on Adult Literacy Course (UNICEF) by (ABES Islamabad), Pakistan
  • 2005- Trainings of Trainers on Better Life skills for Street Children (UNICEF), Pakistan
  • 2003-Capacity Building of Deputy District Officers (NGORC Agha Khan Foundation Karachi), Pakistan


PhD Thesis:

  • Problems of Street Children: A Sociological Study of Urban Sindh, Pakistan


Running Research Projects:

  • Pakistan towards sustainable development goals and mortality of under five years of age children: a sociological analysis of Sindh. (NRPU, HEC Pakistan 2019 to 2021)
  • Exploring social dynamics compelling women to live in shelter homes and Impacts on Social Life of women living in Shelter Homes.
  • Situation Analysis of HIV Patient in Sindh: Causes, Problem and Role of Sindh Aids Control Program


Completed Research Projects:

  • 2016- Collaborative research project with Plan International Pakistan titled as “Making the Invisible Visible” Quantitative and Qualitative research of Marginalized youth (Boys and Girls) of Sindh.


Research Papers: Published:

  1. Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Mumtaz Khaskheli, Dr. Jabeen Butto, “Influence of Employees Motivation On Job Satisfaction: A Study of Riders in Courier Industry” Grassroots. Vol: 52, Issue: 2, July -December (2018).
  2. Dr.Saeed Anwar, Dr.Mumtaz Ali, Dr.Ameer Ali Abro , “Relationship Of Shyness With Parental Education And Family Structure” Grassroots. Vol: 52, Issue: 1, January-June (2018).
  3. Dr. F. H. Chandio, Dr. F. M. Burfat, Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, A.M.Sharif Hira. F. Naqvi A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis of Electronic-Government Services Acceptance Model,  Sindh Univ. Res. Jour. (Sci. Ser.) Vol.50 (001) 171-174 (2018).
  4. Dr. F. H. Chandio, Dr. F. M. Burfat, Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Hira. F. Naqvi citizens’ acceptance and usage of electronic-government services: a conceptual model of trust and technological factors) Sindh Univ. Res. Jour. (Sci. Ser.) Vol.49 (3) 665-668 (2017).
  5. Niaz Ahmed Bhutto, Dr.Shuja Ahmed Mahesar and Dr Ameer Ali Abro. “The Impact Of Socio-Cultural Problems On The Performance Of Female Faculty Members Of The University Of Sindh, Jamshoro”. Grassroots. Vol: 51, Issue: 2, July -December (2017).
  6. Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Naima Saeed and Dr. Azadi Burfat. “Pakistan on the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and Role of Social Attitude in Urban Areas, Towards Climate Change and Challenges. The Government: Research Journal of Political Science. Vol: V. Supplementary edition (2017).
  7.  Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Aazadi Fateh, Dr. Zulfiqar Haider Zaidi and Dr. Irfana Shah. “Changing Patterns of Marriages and Its Impact On Nuptiality: Sociological Study of Karachi, Pakistan”. The Women, Research Journal. Vol: 9 (2017).
  8. Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Aazadi Fateh, Dr. Naima Saeed and Niaz Ahmed Bhutto. “Demographic and Ethnic Changes, Creating Challenges for Society: A Sociological Analysis of Karachi during 2014 – 2015”.  International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research. Vol: 6, Issue: 5 (May-2017).
  9. Dr. Zulfiqar Haider Zaidi, Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Muhammad Shafi Messo and Dr. Ghulam Akbar Mahesar. “Demographic Variables’ Effect On Male and Female Awareness to Use of E-Government Service in Pakistan”. The Women, Research Journal, Volume: 9 (2017).
  10. Dr Ameer Ali Abro, Dr Aazadi Fateh and Dr Naima Saeed. “Intolerance among Youth and Its Impacts on Pakistani Society: Sociological Analysis of Urban Sindh”. Grassroots. Vol: 51, Issue: I, January-June (2017).
  11. Dr. Arshad Bashir, Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Saeed Anwar and Dr. Mumtaz Ali. “A State of Physical Education and Sports in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis on Lack of Infrastructure and Framework in Pakistani Institutions”. The Shield. Vol: 11 (2016).
  12. Muhammad Asif, Dr.Naima Saeed , Dr.Alam Tareen  , Muhammad ishaq  , Dr.Ameer Ali Abro “Coals Mines, Repository Of Linguistic Diversity” Al-Burz University of Balochistan, Volume -08. (09-18) 2016.
  13. Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Gul Muhammad Baloch and Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat. “Situational Analysis of Marginalized Youth of Urban Areas and Youth Policies in Pakistan”. The Shield. Vol: 09 (2014).
  14. Nadeem-Ud-Din, Fateh Muhammad Burfat and Ameer Ali Abro. “Differential Fertility: A Comparative Study of Islam and other Religions and Analysis of Concepts of Religions about Fertility in Southern Punjab, Pakista Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research. Vol: 12 (2013).
  15. Dr. Ameer A. Abro, Dr. Fateh M. Burfat,Dr. Ghulam M. Burfat and  Dr. Gul M. Baloch. “Study of Association between Health Problems and Living Situation of Street Children in Urban Sindh, Pakistan”. The Shield. Vol: 08 (2013).
  16. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Ghulam Muhammad Burfat and Amir Ali Abro. “The Study of Association between Risk Behaviors and Living Situations of Street Children in Urban Sindh”. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (2013).


Dissertations Under Supervised:

  • Niaz Ahmed Bhutto, PhD. Degree (Co.Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: The Impact Of Socio-Cultural Problems On The Performance Of Female Faculty Members Of The University Of Sindh, Jamshoro
  • Javed Ahmed Memon M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Attitudes of People Towards Faith Healing Through Saints (A Case Study Of Makhdoom  Sakhi Saydi Mossani Shrine).


Dissertations Under Supervision:

  • Hidayatullah Panezai, PhD. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: The Role of Family Characteristics in the Development of Delinquent Behavior among Juveniles in Sindh Province, Pakistan
  • Shabana Muhammad Anwar, PhD. Degree (Co.Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Exploring the male dominancy at work place and its impacts on Professional development of working women: A Sociological analysis of Quetta (Balochistan)
  • Javed Ahmed Memon M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Attitudes Of People Towards Faith Healing Through Saints (A Case Study Of Makhdoom  Sakhi Saydi Mossani Shrine).
  • Aftab Ahmed Qazi, M.Phil. Degree(Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Exploring Causes and Consequences of unemployment, A Sociological Analysis of Last Five Years University Graduates.
  • Muhammad Afzal Memon, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Changing Family Patterns and Problem of Isolation Among Older Adults
  • Fahad Ali, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Risk Factors of Adolescent Age and Its Impacts On Youth: A Case Study of Nawab Shah Sindh
  • Sayed Kashif Jilani, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Social Impacts of Malnutrition On Women and Children: A Focused Study of Orangi Town Karachi
  • Mohammad Tayyib korejo, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Relationship of personality development of child with  size and type of family;
    a sociological  study of Larkana district.
  • Kazbano Asif, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Role of Theatre in Community Development: A Sociological Study of Sindh, Pakistan
  • Maryam, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Exploring Access and Availability of Basic Needs to Girls of Slum Areas: A Case Study of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Rehana Bhatti, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Changing patterns of family as social institution and Sociological Study of Parenting in The Light of Quran
  • Naeema Qadir Junejo, M.Phil. Degree (Sup) Ameer Ali Abro: Late Marriages and Its Impact On Women Health: A Sociological Analysis of Nawabshah Sindh, Pakistan


Research Papers in pipeline

  • Situation analysis of Demographic conditions of street children in urban Sindh.
  • Socio-Economic conditions of residence of Kacha areas after flood in Larkana.



  • REACH Research Journal of Sociology (University of Sindh Jamshoro)
  • 2010- District Profile of Larkana
  • 2012- Asan Jo Larkano Shar-e-Benazir A Pictorial Book.
  • Compilation of Poetry of Soofi Waryal Faqeer (Ishque Salamat Rahe).


Other Information

  • Computer Skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Software’s knowledge: SPSS.
  • Languages: English, Urdu, Sindhi & Serieki (read, write, speak), Arabic (Read & write).