The Department of Sociology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, aims to create sociological imagination and logical reasoning about social concerns and social issues.
For social development and social welfare, sociology plays vital role by providing qualitative and quantitative research skills. Similarly, the department of Sociology equips its students with social and cognitive skills in order to play their productive role for the well-being of society. I
n addition to this, the students are expected to gain knowledge that is for wider society of Pakistan. Sociology department also focuses and emphasis to meet the multicultural and global requirements.
The graduates and undergraduates of department are gaining innovative academic and research skills. Department has also created healthy and sound environment for students, by facilitating them with well-equipped computer, seminar labs. To meet advance objectives the department of sociology has introduced. Bachelor and Master Degree program in the evening for upcoming year.

Prof. Dr. Saima Shaikh
Professor & Chairperson
M.A. (S.U) 1997, Ph.D. (S.U) 2005


Prof. Dr. Saima Shaikh