11103902_425609104277082_1359533659_nUniversity of Sindh has a solid and energetic tradition of teaching and research in Sociology. The department has been lucky to have a chain of renowned sociologists as its Chairperson and Professors.

The department of sociology was established at Hyderabad 11106493_425608650943794_965516951_ncampus in 1964 with Prof. Shafi Mohammad Memon as its first chairman. The department was shifted to Allama I.I Kazi campus Jamshoro in 1970.  Since its establishment it produced, large number of Graduate, Postgraduate, M.Phil and PhD Scholars. Graduates from the Department have adopted wide range of careers in active professional life. Most have excelled in their profession and academic positions and joined public and private institutions at national and international level like the UNICEF, UNDP, Population Council, Social Welfare Department and other Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Pic3This department gives exclusive environment in which to study sociology, either on its own or in combination with other disciplines, and to pursue sociological research on various aspects of society. This department has been imparting quality education; courses have been designed according professional requirements of students with skills and knowledge as per needs of changing society, social behaviors and proper learning methodology. Moreover Research is the basic hallmark of the department, and various research projects are in process through PhD, M.Phil, and Postgraduate scholars.

Department maintains close relationship with public and Pic2private sector organizations. Sociologists today are playing a vital role in development and progress of society, and looking at the future demands of Social Scientists it can be predicated that our graduates will continue playing their major role in the development of society. The department has established links with civil society and wider community. The faculty is well-equipped with up to date research tools and techniques.

Vision :

To Develop understanding of sociological behaviours among the students and to train them for the betterment of society.

Mission :

Constant development in learning and teaching process, training, scientific research, and community service by employing relevant strategies and academic programs in partnership with different sectors of society, sharing researches and recommendations to policy makers and professionals for reforms.


To reach on the true sociological knowledge and research by heart and soul



 Seminar Library:

It is a fact that Seminar libraries play a significant role in the personal and intellectual development of students in every academic institution. The Department of Sociology gives much importance to academic excellence. The Seminar Library provides the students with over 3000 books, journals, magazines and other national and international periodicals. Besides, the University has central library, which is the largest University Library in Pakistan. The student also can avail all the basic facilities provided by the seminar library of department.

Computer Lab:

 It is a fact that use of Information technology, computers and software is playing a fundamental role in research and quality education, computer library of sociology department provides facility of internet, e-books, SPSS and other research tools to students and more than 20 students can use the computer lab at same time.