SOC- 507 Medical Sociology CH-4

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction to Medical sociology.
    2. Topical Description of Medical Sociology
    3. Some Analytical Perspectives of Medical sociology.
  2. Area of Medical Sociology
    1. Becoming a Patient
    2. Doctor and Patient
    3. The Organization Health Care
    4. Social Course of Disease
    5. Social Definition of Illness
  3. Identification of Disease in Populations.
    1. Social Concept of Disease
    2. Structural features of the physicians
    3. Epidemiology and disease study Role
    4. Smoking and Lungs Cancer, Viral Hepatitis B & AIDS
  4. Social Pathology.
    1. Social Diseases of Society
    2. Poverty, Unemployment and Crime
    3. Narcotics
  5. Distribution of Disease in Population
    1. Mortality and Related Social Factors
    2. Infant Mortality
    3. Socio Economic Status and Chronic Disease, Use of Health Services
    4. Stress Situation Stress and Response.
  6. The Micro System of Health Care
    1. Historical Background
    2. Norms of Treatment
    3. Product Uncertainty
    4. The sociology of Hospital
  7. Social and Psychological issues
    1. Implications of Models of Treatment
    2. Psychiatric Hospitalization of community Care
    3. Involuntary Hospitalization
  8. Health and Social Policy
    1. The Future of Medical Sociology
    2. Criteria of National Health Insurance
    3. The Medical Malpractice Dilemma
    4. Role of Doctors in Society.