“New curriculum of sociology for BS ( 4 years ) as per recognized by HEC” . This new curriculum ​​​​​​​has been implemented In order to impart quality education which is at par with international standards.
Since the day, Prof Dr Aijaz Wassan has been assigned with chairman ship new milestones are established in Sociology.
Praiseworthy efforts of Chairman of Department Prof DR Aijaz Wassan, New curriculum of sociology has been settled as new one.
Departmental Committee was set up for that purpose to set new and current New curriculum for Sociology students.
Curriculum Committee were comprised of Five members including Worthy Chairman DR Aijaz Wassan as Convener of Committee, Dr Ghazala Panhwar, DR-Ameer Ali Abro, Sir Raja Niaz Bhutto, Sir Adeel Khan Brohi were the members of Curriculum Committee.
By consistency honorable faculty members has done new milestone in Sociology and set the syllabus as new one
From 2018, new curriculum of sociology will be started for students.
This all credit goes to Honorable Chairman Prof Dr Aijaz Wassan sb along with Honorable committee members.