The study tour was organized by the department of Sociology, under supervision of Dr Ameer Ali Abro, (Assistant Professor).

UderoLal, Bhitt shah was selected as areas of study tour.

On Tuesday, 16 March, Journey was started at 10 am from Department of Sociology, Final year students first visited udero lal where temple of Hindu and Mosque of Muslim are altogether with the separation of Buried saint.
Visited and get information from local Molvi of Mosque and Care taker of Hindu at udero lal. Students Took notes for assignment, there was well nearby temple and in temple candle fires whole the day without any break.
Molvi of Mosque gave lecture to students about the history and background of Udero Lal at Mosque and Care taker of Temple also Briefed about temple, its session and also about worship.

After leaving From Udero lal, We Left for hazrat Shah abdul Latif bhittae r.a shrine, listened Sufi Raag and visited the shrine. Students also watched the sacred things pertaining to Shah Lateef  Bhittai.
Later than students had a lecture program at sufi university, Bhitt shah about shah latif, Life, His poetry and Sufi Raag.

Teachers of Sufi University also performed songs and lyrics of Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai r.a.
Students had a lunch at Sufi University and had gone through by visiting museum, where students had seen lots of historical things , Prayed at Shiekh Ayaz grave and After that left for tea, hosted by one of  Bs Student  Mashooque Ali Bhanoo at Bypass near to Bhittshah.
At last stop Students had famous Ice cream at matyari . in this whole study tour Students had photography, Fun , entertainment, Dance, Singing, enjoyment. No doubt, students of final class had a great entertainment and enjoyment with teachers, which were accompanied with them which were Sir Dr Ameer Ali Abro , Ma’m Dr Ghazala Panhwar and Sir Ali Murtaza Kolachi. Were with us for guide and company, it added the charm in study tour.

A Molvi Muhammad Ibrahim delievers his lecture about brief historical Introduction of Udero Lal at Study Tour.

Moullana, care taker of Mosque at Udero Lal Since 30 years, said in His lecture that the Saint Udero Lal was Living at Bank of River Indus and Used to eat fish as a Favorite food. Udero Lal had a Great sympthay to love as human being.

There are five festivals are organized by the management of Udero Lal every year.

Students include me asked the question about the biography and history of Uderolal and his life.
A Mosque and Temple is partitioned by the buried saint Udero Lal.

1912, Mughal Empires constructed the Udero Lal Saint.

A rest house is also seen there for the foreign guests, stay room of moullana is also settled there.

In a Temple, there is candle which is always been lighting without fire off whole the year, according to care taker of Mandir (temple).

People are coming from distant areas to visit the Saint Udero Lal , Mosque and Temple together.

When we visited the Udero Lal, Temple was closed and care taker unlocked the temple and we did visit the temple.

A well is also seen by us at Udero Lal.

The Hindu Community members throw fruits in well for their favor.

The care takers of Temple usually cleaned this well at least once in a Month.

According care taker of Temple, All are equally treated and welcomed here with out any discrimination of race, Religion or sect.

Sir Dr Ameer Ali Abro and Dr Ma’m Ghazala Panhwar wrote their comments in visiting book of Udero Lal.

A Book pertaining to History of Udero Lal is presented Sir Dr Ameer Ali Abro by the Molve of Mosque Muhammad Ibrahim before leaving.

Care taker of temple gave details about the festival and gatherings of Community at Udero lal.

Christains are also visiting the Udero laal with maximum number every year said Local deweller of Udero Lal.

Afterwards, we were gone through Sufi Univeristy, Bhitt Shah.

The University of Sufism and Modern Sciences (USMS) is in Bhit Shah Town, Matiari District, home to a shrine of the Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. The USMS is the first Sufi higher educational institution in Asia to earn the status of university.

The first batch of students have started their studies, the campus has initially offered the short courses but Bachelor’s and Master’s-degree programs will start very soon. The students at the USMS will be taught job-oriented courses, degrees and to value brotherhood and religious tolerance. (Taken from SU website).

A Mystic Song after lecture is presented by the teachers of Sufi University at Bhitt shah.

Syed Peer Muhammad Shah , gave a lecture about the life of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai r.a.

Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was born in the small village of Bhitt.

 His Urs is held every year between the 13th and 15th of Safar, the second Islamic lunar month. “Shah Jo Risalo” the message of Shah His poetry was first translated into German in 1866 [a hundred years after his death] by Ernest Trump a German scholar and missionary when in 1860’s he became fascinated by Sindhi language and culture and the jogis and singers who sang Shah Latif’s verses With the help of Sindhi scholars he compiled a selection of the original verses and called it “Shah Jo Risalo” [the message of Shah].

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