The event was organized for distribution of stationaryon 25 February 2016, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in Government Boys & Girls School Saeed Khan GopangKotri, Jamshoro.

By Sociology Student’s Council for Community Service, students of Sociology BSI, BS. II and III were actively participated in the event.

Mr. Israr Hussain Tunio regional manager of IRM Sindh, Mrs.Zubida Gopang Head Mistress of Government Primary School Saeed Khan Gopang Kotr Mr. Zahid Murtaza District Coordinator IRC Jamshoro, Mr. Ameer Bux Chhachhar Political Activist,Mr. Roshan Birhamani Social Worker, Mr. Haji Khan Social Worker and SSCCS Members Sayed Asad Ali Shah, Marvi Lalbux Panhwer, Zulfiqar Ali Tunio, Aamna Joyo and Yasmin Lalbux Panhwer were the speakers.

The event was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mohammad Waseem Tunio student of BS-Part 3, Department Of Sociology and Yasmin and Aisha Primary School Students offered Naat,than Zulfiqar Ali Tunio and Aamna Joyo introduced the speakers with their respective fields.

Mr. Israr Hussain Tunio talked about the primary school education and became highly interactive with the school students, he said that these kind of events should be in I several primary schools.

Mrs. Zubida Gopang spoke about NGO’s that these kind of event should be in every primary School and said SSCCS members that brilliant job you are doing. She said today the elder students are come to distribute gifts in little students.

Mr. Zahid Murtaza Dharijo, Mr. Roshan Ali Birhmani and Mr. Ameer Bux Chhachhar are the social and political activist of district jamshoro always talk about the problems which are faced by this district, they said we will be helping SSCCS in every event and talk about the problems why the children of primary school facing such kind of difficulties?And appreciated whole the team members.

Sayed Asad Ali Shah, Marvi Lalbux Panhwer, Zulfiqar Ali Tunio, Aamna Joyo and Yasmin Lalbux Panhwer talk about the importance of SSCCS aims and objectives of and tell that the efforts of our group are so high and want to do many things about the people of community. We all want to serve for society and become sociologist, good human who could be beneficent for society.

Finally, all gifts were distributed among students of School,  by calling their names one by one , Guest presented the gifts to little children with their own hands, all SSCCS members presented gifts to the primary schools student in in the end  group photo was taken.

The program was concluded by Zulfiqar Ali Mallah.