WORKSHOP 11-12-2015

Career Counselling for university students is demanding subject for training and workshops, more specifically these types of workshops can play an important role for future planning of students who are passing their BS. IV and Masters Examinations. Keeping in view importance of this subject Department of Sociology with collaboration SPARC a Non for Profit organization, ORIC and QEC university of Sindh organized  one day training workshop for final year students of Department of sociology on 11th December 2015, from 09 am. To 02 pm in central library university of Sindh Jamshoro.

  • Schedule of workshop:
Sr. Time Activity/Topic Facilitator
01 08-30  am Students to be Seated/

Recitation of Quran

Miss. Saba Ahmed Chang
02. 09.00 am

09. 30 am

Introduction of Participants

Introduction of Facilitators

& Objective of Workshop

Dr. Ameer Ali Abro

Miss. Saba Ahmed Chang

04. 09.30 am to

10. 30. am

Career planning &Role  of personality Development

How to Prepare for Interview


Manager Sindh Region

Institute of Rural Management (IRM)

05. 10.30 am to

11. 30 am

How to find Career opportunities/Scholarships


Mr. Max. Memon

Online From Canada

(Through Skype)

06. 11. 30 am

12. 30 Noon

How to Find Jobs in Development Sector at National Level/NGO’s &INGO’s Mr.Zahid HussainThebo

Provincial Manager SPARC Sindh

07. 12.30


08. 12.45 Noon

01.30 Pm

How to Prepare C.V/Resume and Personal Statements Dr. Aijaz HussainWassan

Associate Professor Department of Sociology

09. 01. 30 Noon How to use Internet for Career Planning Mr.GhulamAbass Korejo
10. 02. Pm Certificate Distribution By:

Dean Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Nagina Parveen

Prof. Saima Shaikh

Chairperson Department of Social Science.

Dr. Aijaz Ali Wasan

Mr. Zahid Ali Thebo SPARC        

The Workshop started with recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Najeeb Ali Final year student, and introduction of participants by M.Phil. Scholar Department of Sociology Miss. Saba Ahemd Chang, than Dr. Ameer Ali Abro introduced the speakers with respective fields.

  • First Speaker was Mr. Israr Ahmed Tunio Manager Sindh Region, Institute of Rural Management (IRM). He started his session on “Career planning, Role of personality Development & How to Prepare for Interview” his session was highly interactive and students actively participated in whole session and showd their keen interest in discussion. During the session he focused on, The Job Hunting Process, Golden rules for job hunting, How to get a good job, prepare yourself for job market, Resume Writing, Prepare yourself for an interview. Mr. Tunio proved himself a good trainer and satisfied participants during questions answer session.
  • The most important part of the workshop was a session of Mr. Maqsood Ahmed Memon from Canada through Skype. He kicked off session with his formal, introduction. His Session was formal, informal and highly interactive with all participants. He focused on finding scholarship opportunities abroad. However, he emphasized to prefer china because it is very easy to get scholarship there. Meanwhile he discussed how to enhance skills like C.V writing and Internet surfing.

Moreover he made commitment with students for assisting them in order to find abroad scholarships. He suggested various important websites of international universities and institutions where Masters, Doctorate, degree courses and Non- degree programs are available for Scholarships.  In the end of his session he appreciated the efforts of university of Sindh, department of sociology, SPARC, QEC and ORIC for arrangement of these sort of workshops. He further shows his willingness for online session with university of Sindh in future.

  • The Third facilitator of workshop was, Mr. Zahid Hussian Thebo Provincial Manager SPARC Sindh, who discussed on “How to Find Jobs in Development Sector at National Level/NGO’s & INGO’s”. Being a partner of this workshop and facilitator he started with expected outcomes of activity and introduction of development and social sector. He discussed the importance of Sociology in NGO sector and appreciated students and their parents for selecting the subject as career. He divided his presentation into two parts. 1. Finding jobs in National NGO’s 2.  Finding Jobs in International NGO’s. He discussed expectations of Employer during employment process and situations of candidates during job searching according procedures. Mr. Thebo suggested the participants to avoid casual dressing, Behavior during interview time, he also emphasized on Time management for career planning and Life management.
  • The Tea and refreshment was served to participants and Facilitators at 12.30
  • Aijaz Ali Wassan Associate Professor Department of Sociology was another important speaker of the workshop, he discussed on “How to Prepare C.V/Resume and Bio-Data”. He started his presentation by defining difference between CV, Resume and Bio-data with their significance. He further highlighted diferent types of resume and CV with their respective use in different job hunting and scholarship process. He also discussed to avoid various mistakes during CV writing. In the end Dr. Wassan Satisfied the participants during question answer session.
  • The last facilitator was, Mr. Ghulam Abass Korejo M.Phill Scholar of Sindhi Department and his topic was “How to use internet for career planning”. Mr. Korejo discussed highly important problems faced by students during internet surfing for scholarships and job findings. He covered some basic and important topics in his discussion e.g. The Traditional Job Searching methods, Job Searching Strategies, Types of Online Job Sites, how to Avoid Online Search Mistakes, Creating Resume Online, Online Resume Formats, Make Resume “Cyber-Safe” , Personal Online Resume Websites and Online Job Search Resources. At the end question answer session was very fruitful for students.
  • Certificate Distribution ceremony was held which was chaired by Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Nagina Parveen and Prof. Dr. Saima Shaikh Chairperson Department of Sociology along with Dr. Aijaz Ali Wassan, Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ali Memon Director QEC, Dr. Nek Muhammad Shaikh Director ORIC, Dr. Ghazala Shoukat,  Zahid Hussain Thebo from SPARC and Dr. Ameer Ali Abro.
  • Program was ended with speeches of Prof. Dr. Shahzad Memon, Prof. Dr. Nagina Parveen Prof. Dr. Saima Shaikh and vote of thanks by Dr. Ameer Ali Abro.

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