One day seminar was organized by Department of Sociology University of Sindh Jamshoro, in collaboration with Population Welfare Department and UNFPA, at Sindhology on 09th September 2015 on “Interaction with youth on population Issues”.pic-1
Speakers discussed on various issues related to population increase, population planning and management in Pakistan. During the discussion Mr. Yasin Wagan Instructor Population Welfare Training Institute Karachi, unearth the myths and realities regarding population welfare and population planning programs. He informed that Situation of our country doesn’t need population control but Birth space is compulsory according to need, resources and facilities available among families as well as in country.


Prof. Dr. Saima Shaikh Chairperson Department of sociology discussed over social issues of increasing population at global level and status of Pakistan, during her speech she discussed the status of women and men in society. According Dr. Shaikh majority of population prefer to give birth to baby boy rather than girls consequently praying for boys they even got more girls in their families.

The seminar was chaired by Prof. Dr. Nigina Praveen Soomro Dean Faculty of Social, in her speech she focused on role of population in education and development of country, she said educated mothers can give best generations to the nations and manage the family, and its planning. Mr. Akhtar Ghanghro Principal Population Welfare Training School Karachi emphases on birth spacing, population planning and policymaking over population development issues. He also discussed the role of youth about awareness and planning management for better development of country.

During the seminar some students from department of sociology came on the stage and shared their opinions on population issues. Students also took active participation in question answers through interactive session.




Seminar was ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Ameer Ali Abro Assistant Professor Department of Sociology university of Sindh Jamshoro.