Socialization, awareness and personality development among the university students are among the basic academic objectives of Department of Sociology University of Sindh. Therefore a farewell dinner of Final year students of Sociology was organized at Bar. B. Q Tonight Hall of Hyderabad city. Students of final year and BS.IV were invited to attend this program and majority of teachers were present to celebrate farewell with students and to motivate them for their future professional life after passing their examinations.

Program was started with recitation of Holy Quran and Waee (Poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitaee). Mr. Zulfiquar Ali Mirani Student of BS.IV and Miss. Madiha Muhsan Momon student of M.A Final Sociology welcomed the guests and host the whole program.

Ajraks a Sindhi Cultural Gifts were distributed among teachers and Top students of year. Segment of teacher’s comments and experience sharing of students during whole journey of four years in university were very interesting and unforgettable activities of program.

Students enjoyed with Singing, Parodies, Poetry, Dancing and made the event interesting. Photography with teacher’s and friends was another important activity of program. During the program Dinner was served with delicious food and in the end Teacher’s appreciated the four years journey of students in Department of sociology and their interest in education, prayers for students were part of every teacher’s speech.

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