6-IMG_6490Department of sociology arranged a study tour of final year students related to their subject Sociology of Religion, to focused on role saints and religious leaders on society. Lakky Shah Sadar, hills and tomb and Sewhan Sharif was selected as study area.

Journey was started at 9:30 am from Sociology department, during journey; students were happy and enjoyed a lot with singing, dancing. Students captured photos with gathering and made trip more wonderful.

During journey Taj Bibi, Mehwish meerani, Bushra, Zulfiqar and Najeeb entertain the
students and performed some roles of society which we observe in our daily life, beggar, singer and cold drinks sealer in bus.

When we reached at Lukky hills students discussed with visitors from different members of society who came there, for visit. Students observed that peoples are coming for remedy of skin diseases and use water from water fall at lucky hills for this purpose.
Than we moved to sewahen sharif and attended a lecture by a scholar and Presedent of Qalandar Chair Mr. Nazir hayat Sommro, he informed us history of Qalandar Lal shahbaz, and his role among society during question answer session he discussed origin of qalandar lal shabaz and unearth some miss-concepts about saints and their role.

Principal of Government Degree college sewahen sharif Mr. Ali Akbar hosted us andarranged lunch with coordination of DDO Social Welfare Department Mr. Mehtab Ali Memon.