Pic-1Speakers at a seminar underscored the need for protecting the youth from falling victim to drug addiction by providing them facilities and encouraging them to take up healthy activities to change their lifestyle and urged media and civil society to play their role in creating awareness about impact of drugs on young lives.

It was important for all members of society to realise their responsibilities towards the youth and try their best to protect them from drugs, they said.They were speaking at a seminar on “Drug abuse among youth: its impacts and prevention” organised by the department of sociology of the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, on Friday.

The secretary of Sindh social welfare department, Shariq Ahmed, said the issue needed immediate attention of print and electronic media and civil society. They should play a positive role in creating awareness among the masses about the use of drugs, he said.

He highlighted the role of the government in prevention of drug abuse and announced his department would work together with the university to conduct research on how to overcome increasing use of drugs.
pic3He said that the issue of drug abuse needed immediate attention suggesting that print, electronic media and the civil society could play an effective role in creating awareness among the masses about the harmful effects of drug. He hoped a better and brighter future for the students.

Dr Saima Shaikh, chairperson of the department of sociology, said that her department was making efforts to keep check on students. Committees would be formed to restrain students from engaging in unhealthy and negative activities, she said.

She called for elimination of poverty and ignorance which sowed seeds of pessimism in youths and led them to drug addiction. “Healthy activities like sports and debates play a greater role in preventing the youth from becoming addicts,” she said.

Dr Abdul Hameed Memon, a senior psychiatrist, said: “It is our responsibility to save our generation from drug abuse and build a progressive, prosperous and drug free Pakistan”.

pic4He assured full cooperation from his department to play its role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of Drug addicts at all forums.

Dr Shahida Shaikh said: “Each individual can play a key role in making a difference in society, especially in minimising drug abuse.”

She ascribed use of drugs to psychological and socio-cultural factors. “Drugs use can be prevented if proper measures are taken. Public awareness seminars and campaigns can also be helpful in this regard,” she said.

She advised SU students to give up smoking and life threatening drugs which caused cancer, HIV AIDS, neurological disorders and brain haemorrhage.

Dr. Ahemd Ali Brohi said that drug abuse behavior had impacts on human life especially it affected youth adding that being a core of the nation and future of the country; the youths should avoid every type of drugs and protect themselves.

Ali Mohammad Kandhro said that his organisation ‘Sujagi Welfare Society’ held seminars, awareness walks, set up detoxification centres and published literature to create awareness about drug abuse and prevention.Pic

He talked about various types of drug users in the world, especially in Pakistan, and stressed coordination between the sociology department and the NGOs to eradicate social evils through research and applied sociology.

Another speaker Dr Ameer Ali Abro stressed the need for bridging the gap between the departments of sociology and social welfare.“Both departments must maintain ties with each other to work for social development and positive change in society,” he said.

He said: “It is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies and anti-narcotics force to control supply of drugs, but it is the duty of educational and social institutions, NGOs and the social welfare department to curb demand of drugs,” he said.

In the last, the certificates of appreciation were distributed among the faculty members of department of sociology   by Secretary Social Welfare Department and Chairperson Department of Sociology.

In the end, shields were distributed among speakers and certificates of appreciation were distributed among the teachers Raja Niaz Ahmed Bhutto, Quratul Ain Shah, Hameeda Narejo, Abdul Latif Kandhro and the volunteer students. The guests also visited the Department of Sociology.